TAKUYA Horikawa

Wastes and wood scraps are negative by-products of industrial society.
I made furniture with them different from their original uses.
It is Red and Blue Chair of Gerrit Thomas Rietveld’s masterpiece.
I made this shelf by the structure of the chair.
This lighting is made of plastic trash.
They are given each new story and play the role.

About 100 years ago, Gerrit Thomas Rietveld in Holland published the chair which is not decorated, and whose materials are cheaper than before such as furniture designed ornamentally. Then, he participated in De Stijl and created The Blue and Red Chair. I went to Cassina ixc. Aoyama in Tokyo and looked at the chair for the first time. I was moved by the shape and materials of the masterpiece.

People in my university discarded many 30x30mm waste materials at garbage dump when I was a university student. I noticed that it was natural for them to throw away cheap woods that Rietveld had used at that time.

The Blue and Red Chair went down as an icon of the chair, and it kept being sold at a high price as high-quality furniture. I questioned some materials are thrown away while others are called masterpiece although materials are the same wood.

Therefore, I made it because I thought value of waste materials and view of that would change if waste woods change into The Blue and Red Chair.

The chair of wood scraps
wood scraps, a plan of Red and Blue Chair(Gerrit Thomas Rietveld)
W655 D830 H880(SH330/AH505) / 2012

The shelf of wood scraps
wood scraps, acrylic resin W800 D400 H1200 / 2012

Lighting of wastes C
a basket, a container of the detergent W200 D200 H500 / 2012

Lighting of wastes D
deshes, cans, a basket W240 D160 H450 / 2012

scrap material series

scrap material series

scrap material series