TAKUYA Horikawa

“Initials Seal”

Presently, many people from other countries live and work in Japan. In their life, there are a lot of opportunities to affix a seal to a document in order to complete the public process. The seal is essential in Japan. However, a simplified seal for foreign names has not been produced, so they usually suffer inconvenience. The seal is typecally carved one's first or last name in Kanji. The ready-made seals for names in other languages are not sold. So, it was "Initials Seal" that I created for people from other countries. Initials can stand for any names. We portray all names in the world in "Initials Seal" if we make 26 words×26 words=676 kinds of the seal. We can offer customers all of the combinations, and they can get their seals easily and quickly.

Won the Kita Prize in the 11th SHACHIHATA New Product Design Competition./ 2018

 Initials Seal  Initials Seal
 Initials Seal
 Initials Seal