TAKUYA Horikawa

Alternative Light

Things are left “stories” when they are made.
For example, the story of pens is to write, and that of chairs is to sit people.
I changed original stories, or functions of things into stories concerning lighting of those.
The Alternative Light means the thing playing the role of lighting.
I named these works after their original stories.

3 conditions of the Alternative Light

· Alternative Light must have "stories" of materials and represent them

· Materials of the Alternative Light must have their own uses, or "the story."

· Materials of the Alternative Light must not be worked in order to spoil their own impression, or "the story."

tenji photo

washing photo

Washing      a basket , a container of the detergent  /  W220 D200 H480 / 2013

a sumptuous banquet photo

Sumptuous Banquet     a fan , Issho-bin(sake bottles of 1.8 litters)  /  W400 D100 H150 / 2013

a shower photo

Shower    a towel , hangers  /  W580 D580 H630 / 2013

a flat tire

Flat Tire     a tire of a bicycle , a brick  /  W550 D60 H660 / 2013

8020 photo

8020     dishes , toothbrushes  /  W300 D300 H480 / 2013

safe driving photo

Safe Driving      a signal , wood  /  W660 D660 H1600 / 2013